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Untitled Photographs
by Tim Barber

Sold Out!

Combining classical compositions, startling lens flares and an adolescent irreverent humor, photographer Tim Barber shares his subtly beautiful observations in this series from Untitled Photographs. Spanning 15 years of his career, the monograph from OHWOW assembles Barber’s works together for the first time. After inheriting the role of Photo Editor at Vice magazine from Ryan McGinley––his first job in New York––Barber established himself as a celebrated curator through launching The online gallery of personally hand-picked photographers enabled Barber's curious, knowing eye to evolve independently of conventional rules of process, time or context. "He sweet talks you, makes you feel like you might even be beautiful,” says artist and filmmaker Miranda July of the experience of being shot by Barber. “At the time I felt really good, like I’d just been exhaled from his lips and was going to be inhaled through his nose, French style."