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On the Table Pies, Pâtés, and Pastries: Secrets Old and New of the Art of Cooking
Charlotte Birnbaum

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Pies, pâtés, and pastries are the noblest of foods. Their inner life is always a secret; their outer form, a sculpture. No other dishes are so well suited to surprises and culinary amusements. In her enchanting and historically enlightening little book, Charlotte Birnbaum traces the life of such delicacies through diverse cultures and traditions. Here, wondrous anecdotes of noblemen and farmers alike are woven together, each accompanied by toothsome recipes.

With illustrations by Christa Näher
Translated by Nicholas Grindell
Design by Harald Pridgar

2013, English
11 x 18 cm, 132 pages, 10 color and 5 b/w ill., hardcover
ISBN 978-3-943365-31-3