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Crickets #1
by Sammy Harkham

Sold Out!
Hard to find first issue of Harkham's Crickets series. The bum will sign them too - just ask.

From Rue Morgue Magazine:

Here’s something to chirp about: Crickets, an ongoing horror title from Drawn & Quarterly. Acclaimed alternative artist Sammy Harkham gets things off to an immediately bizarre mid-story start, as a never-named protagonist rolls down a mountain in a hail of arrows with his right leg on fire. By issue’s end he’s become a ghoul, wandering where the wind blows, while in the company of a mute Golem who (apparently) awoke him from the sleep of death. What transpires when this pair encounters a father and son in mourning is shocking, but this book’s success has less to do with Harkham’s plot twists (which are as strong as his word economy) than it does with his sense for solid, episodic storytelling. Smart fans of absurdist horror should plan to follow this die-namic duo down their road to Hell.