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Apology Magazine Issue 5 Fall 2019
Sold Out!

The triumphant return after a long stint in the wasteland • Photo portfolios by Ed Templeton and Kevin Spanky Long • New TV characters by Patti Harrison • Bob Nickas visits John Wilkes Booth’s grave and John Waters’s retrospective exhibition • Sam McPheeters on Thrones • Anonymous masturbation fantasies analyzed by Jamieson Webster with art by Aurel Schmidt • Tamara Berger on her days as a web 1.0 cam girl • Paul Maliszewski on beatings • Don Carpenter’s remembrance of Richard Brautigan • Poetry portfolio edited by Elaine Kahn with art by FriendsWithYou • Numerous dolphins by Roe Ethridge • Oliver Payne on walking in Los Angeles and Falling Down • Poetry by Jackie Curtis • Comics by Sammy Harkham, Johnny Ryan, Anna Haifisch, and Abraham Diaz • And more! more! more!